Open-source Bike Trailer/Jogging Stroller

About the BTJ

McKay Mitton has suffered from cerebral palsy for his entire life. Despite his physical limitations, he loves to be outdoors participating in activities, such as biking or skiing, with his family. Unfortunately, in recent years, McKay has outgrown his bike trailer and jogging stroller that he used as a child, and, because there are no commercially available options for McKay, he has been unable to do the things he loves with those he loves for several years. McKay is not the only person in this situation as there are many adult quadriplegics that are unable to experience the thrill of the outdoors due to the lack of available market solutions.

Team Motion Source worked to solve this problem by designing a bike trailer that converts to a jogging stroller suitable for a quadriplegic adult that can be made from an open-source design by someone with basic handyman skills. The design features several aspects that make it both customizable to fit the majority of the target market as well as user friendly. First, when sewing the seat, certain dimensions can be altered to give the desired sitting angle of the rider. Second, the handlebar can be adjusted up and down to fit over 90% of adults that will push the trailer. Third, the front wheel can swivel, making the trailer easy to maneuver. Finally, the whole assembly can be built using a hacksaw and a hand drill, meaning anyone can build his or her own trailer. All of this makes it possible for lots of people like McKay to once again enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Allison Mitton, McKay’s mother, describes the impact that this trailer/stroller will have on McKay and her family, “It will give our family a lot more flexibility to do the things we like to do. It’s going to be awesome.” This product will help the Mittons and many more families in the same way.

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