Sponsoring a project is easy. Just follow these steps to get your project started. Remember all intellectual property from the Capstone project belongs to your company.
  1. Generate some project ideas.  (Click on the "Project Proposal Form" link.)  Think of projects involving design and manufacturing that you would like to complete but do not have time or resources. The best projects take about 600 to 800 hours to complete, are important to the company, can be openly discussed in class, and have application to existing programs. Typical past projects include product development, product test equipment, manufacturing process improvement, and ergonomic redesign.
  2. Give us a call (801-422-8680) or email us at capstone@byu.edu.  We will be happy to talk with you about your project ideas and start a draft proposal of a Project Proposal Form. We will work with you to find an educationally viable project that meets your needs.
  3. Reserve your place.  Sign and return a copy of the Capstone Agreement Letter that we will send you. This will reserve your place in the Capstone Program.
  4. Work with us on the project.  A student team and faculty coach will be assigned to your project at the beginning of September. At that point, they will contact your company liaison and get started on the project. The project completion date is the middle of April.
  5. Arrange to pay the grant.  The $20,000 educational grant covers Capstone program costs and is normally paid by September. Upon project approval, a $5,000 deposit is required with the balance to be paid by September. However, we are happy to work with you in arranging a payment schedule.

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