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A team of BYU engineering students designed bicycle modifications to allow individuals with differing leg lengths to ride a bike.
A BYU Capstone team designed a prosthetic socket that allows above-the-knee amputees to wear standard prosthetic devices. These devices were both comfortable and cost effective, providing needed relief to amputees in Africa.
Capstone students design an open-source bike trailer/jogger for adults. The trailer can be build for less than $600, weighs about 35 lbs., and has a 200 lb. capacity.
The Capstone student team who are building a 3,500 mpg gallon vehicle were featured in a segment of The Discovery Channel, Canada. Watch the segment here.
BYU senior mechanical engineering students designed the world's most lightweight and inexpensive electric wheelchair for small children. It was designed for two young boys suffering from a rare condition which disables them from walking. This Capstone project has since gained national attention.
Seniors in Brigham Young University’s manufacturing and mechanical engineering programs helped a local company improve the way they test their products. The students have created a “torture chamber” that subjects Blendtec blenders to some rigorous ordeals.
Capstone project gives the blender giant a new way to test their products
BYU engineering students have developed a revolutionary piece of equipment that will save the lives of thousands of infants.
When you build a car that clocks more than 1,300 miles per gallon, you would think you'd be satisfied with the fuel efficiency. Not at BYU.
Engineering students give breath to premature newborns in developing world.


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