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PROVO -- Several BYU engineering students put their superhero powers to use Friday morning as they tested out a Batman-like device that can be used to scale buildings up to 90 feet tall. The students have been working on the device since September as part of a project for the Air Force. BYU was...
While most students at Brigham Young University will be spending the next few weeks thinking about anything but school projects and homework, BYU engineering students are busy working on their industry-sponsored capstone projects through the holidays. Click here to read the full article.
In 2010-2011 a capstone team developed a human powered well for developing countries such as Tanzania. The team's project was the cover story in the November issue of Momentum, a magazine for student members of SAE international. Click here to read the article.
In 2010, a team of BYU capstone students teamed with and developed and built a human powered drill. The well was sucessfully tested in Tanzania. Their creation was highlighted on Engineering for Change's news.
A human-powered drill built by a team of BYU engineering students was meant to be inexpensive, easy to operate and easy to move. Field tests in Tanzania have shown the drill does just what it's supposed to do.
A team of BYU students recently modified an electric motorcycle into a hybrid model to increase its range by nearly 40 percent. The bike was the students’ engineering capstone project, a two-semester program that has given thousands of engineering students hands-on experience with...
A hybrid formula racecar designed and built by BYU engineering undergraduates in BYU’s two-semester Capstone course finished second in an international competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The shiny blue car, which reaches 60 mph in about three seconds, achieves the equivalent...
The contraption looks like a spear that impaled a wheel of fortune, but it does more than give contestants a chance to buy a vowel or solve the puzzle. The device is actually a human-powered drill built by a team of BYU engineering students, who hope it will help Tanzanians drill the 250...
It’s often said the eye is the window to the soul. But in this case, the eye is the window to Windows. At least, that was the goal when EyeTech Digital Systems enlisted the help of some BYU engineering students in creating an all-in-one eye-tracking system.


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