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BYU students engineered a cheaper, simpler system that purifies water and is a good fit for poor, remote villages where clean water sources are scarce.
Eye-tracking technology allows people with disabilities to use their eyes to operate a computer. Imagine moving your eyes to direct the cursor to a link on a Web page. Then you just blink instead of click.
It’s not exactly a divining rod, but a BYU project does involve a unique pole, magnetism and the search for underground water. One group of students in BYU’s Capstone partnered with Draper, Utah, based Willowstick Technologies to improve a set of tools that detects water underground.
In 2009, a capstone team came up with an inovative idea to mass produce inexpensive housing blocks for Kenyans as an alternative to their huts made from sticks and mud. Their blocks are made from a soil mixture that is only five percent cement. The blocks interlock to make stacking easy.


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