Bicycle Modification for Individuals with Leg Disabilities

This project was inspired by Andrew Mills, a 9 year-old local of Utah County with a severe leg length discrepancy. His condition limits his knee range of motion, restricting his leg movements and making it difficult to ride a bicycle. The goal of this Capstone team was to design and build a bicycle system that will allow Andrew and others with leg length discrepancies and/or limited knee range of motion to comfortably ride a bicycle. 

The team successfully produced an elegant design that easily attaches to the pedal system on a standard bicycle. This system consists of 2 custom aluminum bars mounted to the existing bicycle crank with readily available hardware. The pedal is then attached to this system and rotates freely with respect to the crank. This system lowers the center of rotation of the rider’s foot and effectively decreases the range of motion necessary to power the bicycle. Because of this system, Andrew is now able to comfortably ride a bicycle with the range of motion he has.

The team also created a website with engineering drawings and manufacturing and assembly instructions to make the design available to anyone. Over 4.5 million people in the US suffer from conditions that commonly result in limited knee range of motion. This Humanitarian project has the potential to benefit these people by providing them the opportunity to ride a bicycle again. Thank to the sponsors of this project, Andrew’s condition no longer hinders his ability to ride a bicycle. 

School Year (term): 
Capstone Endowment Fund
Team Name: 
Oliver Johnson
Team Members: 
Chris Reynolds, Jordan McGregor, Trent Porter, Michael Brough, Hunter Erickson

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