2017 BYU Baja

The objective of the 2017 BYU Baja team is to build an off-road vehicle to compete in the Baja SAE competition held June 7-10, 2017 in Peoria, IL. BYU Baja will be competing against over 100 competitors to be selected as the best design by a fictitious manufacturing company. To succeed, BYU Baja must design, engineer, build, test, promote and compete with a vehicle that is designed within the limits of the rules.

The vehicle design is a single-seat, all-terrain, sporting vehicle prototype. Specifically, the 2017 BYU Baja vehicle weighs 341 lbs, has 19 inches of articulation, uses a continuously variable transmission, a custom-built lightweight gearbox, a sling seat, and an ergonomic steering column and pedal assembly. The designs for each subsystem have been thoroughly tested and validated to show that the design will meet the specific market requirements, deeming it a desirable design.

The 2017 BYU Baja design prototype will compete in the June 7-10, 2017 Baja SAE competition in Peoria, IL. The BYU Baja team and this design prototype will represent the BYU Mechanical Engineering Department at this event.

School Year (term): 
BYU Department of Mechanical Engineering
Team Name: 
BYU Baja
Kevin Paulson
Team Members: 
Joe Stack, Kevin Sorensen, Brent O'Dell, Christian Price, TJ Barton, Joey Ashcroft, Eric Barnes, Adam Christensen, John Daybell, Corbin Englund, Andrew Schaff, Wyatt Warner, Parker Gibbs

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