Final mid-project design report

Please submit your final mid-project report here by end of day Thursday December 8th.  If there are any questions, please contact the Capstone office at 801-422-3894 or and we'll find the answers. 

Also, with the spiral bound copy that you'll be delivering to your sponsor, please print your report at the CAEDM lab and you can use the spiral binder at the Capstone office free of charge.  We'll help you get the report bound in a professional manner.

Mid-project Design Report Draft

If you would like feedback on your Mid-project Design Report, you may submit a draft here between Nov 9th and Nov 21st.  File size must be 20 MB or less.

Teams can request 2 specific coaches, if desired, on a first-come, first serve basis.  If there are coaches you prefer, please note the name(s) on the comments of your submission.  Please let us know if there are any questions.

Project Contract Final, electronic

Final Submission of signed Project Contract

Once you've completed these steps (listed in section C.2, p. 111 of the Project Book) you can scan the signature page, make a PDF of the rest of the contract, combine them together with Acrobat Pro, and submit the PDF here at the Capstone website.  This should be completed as soon after November 8th as possible.

But remember that first…
- all team members & coach should have signed
- the instructor should have reviewed and signed
- the sponsor will also have signed

Opportunity Definition Final Submission

This assignment is due on Tuesday October 11 by 12:00 midnight.

The Opportunity Definition should be single spaced and double sided.  Margins should be 1.5 on the inside and 1 inch on the top, bottom, and outside.  This final submission is to be in PDF format.