3D Prototype Shredder

Los Alamos National Laboratory works closely with the Department of Energy to design and maintain our nation's nuclear arsenal. As part of their research and development efforts, Los Alamos 3D prints objects which they use to model projects in production. The infor-mation and specifications used to create the prototypes is highly classified and their proto-types must be reduced to an unrecognizable state. The current solution is to use a combi-nation of hand tools and hard drive shred-ders to destroy the prototypes. This process is tedious, time-consuming and not as safe as a one-stop solution. For this purpose, Team 3DSS (3-Dimensional Shredding
Solutions) was contracted to identify and pro-duce a superior solution.

To meet these requirements, 3DSS has decided on a concept that is simi-lar to a shredder used in a Brigham Young University plastics laboratory. This design consists of a chute to feed the 3D printed parts inside and a 3-blade wheel that spins and grinds the parts into an unrecognizable form.

In designing this machine, our team took a process that used to be both time-intensive and potentially dangerous, and created a project that was easy-to-use, and much safer to operate.

School Year (term): 
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Team Name: 
Rich Ziegler
Team Members: 
Cameron Roberts, Yuri Neves, Calen McLean, Andrew Sturgell, David Laird, Tyler Cahoon

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