Airplane Galley Quick Connect Fittings

For our capstone project we were asked by Zodiac Aerospace to redesign their installation brackets for their cabin monuments. Zodiac Aerospace is a specialist in the production and development of cabin furnishings. These interior monuments are manufactured for commercial, regional, and busi-ness aircraft. They are manufactured out of hon-eycomb paneling in order to efficiently handle the on board amenities demand, while not adding ex-cessive weight. Due to their large size, many of these monuments must be assembled on the air-craft. The assembly of these monuments using current available methods is time consuming, which results in high installation costs.

In order for the replacement brackets to be profitable, Zodiac needed to in-crease the efficiency of installation while not significantly increasing weight. Our carefully designed cam style lock considered installation times as well as weight parameters. Our solution met and exceeded installation time expecta-tions and reduced the overall weight of the current system.

We designed a solution that met the requirements outlined by our sponsor. Our cam was optimized to withstand a 3000 pound force (experienced in the event of a crash) and could be installed in less than ten seconds. Our design decreased the installation time, and therefore decreased installation labor costs by a calculated 93%. We also reduced the weight of the bracket by ~40%. That reduction of weight accumulates to an estimated 3 pound saving per 22 bracket interior monument on an aircraft. In airline construction, weight is money. In a commercial airline where there are numerous interior mon-uments, this reduction accumulates to the savings of thousands of dollars.

School Year (term): 
Zodiac Aerospace
Team Name: 
Terri Bateman
Team Members: 
Brandin Whiting, Joe Petersen, Kyler Tolman Brian Johnson, and Ryan Adamson

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