Airplane Monument Quick Connect Floor Fittings

Zodiac Aerospace is a specialist in the production and development of cabin interiors for commercial, regional, and business aircraft. Zodiac manufactures interior aircraft products known as monuments. The monuments are secured to a track in the floor as part of their installation. The current system is challenging to assemble due to difficulty in lining up the monument with the track, as well as limited work space. This process takes a long time and leads to high installation costs. The project objective was to make these connections much quicker to install, while maintaining or improving the current weight, cost and load capabilities.

The proposed solution incorporates several innovative components including: a housing with tabs on the bottom, which assist with quick and accurate locating of the monument on the track; a pocket in the bottom of the housing where the components are preassembled and recessed; a quarter turn plunger with a lever on the top to assist with rotation and indicate proper installation; a slide-on cover to prevent corrosion from spills that occur on an aircraft. The pre-installed system is spring loaded to assist in simple installation. This system can be installed in four simple steps: Locate, drop, turn, and tighten.

The new system is able to be installed in 11.5 seconds rather than 72 seconds the old system required. This means you could install about 6 of the new connections in the same amount of time it took to install one of the old connections. The new system weighs 9.1 oz. as opposed to 13.6 oz. It exceeds the forces required in the X, Y, and Z directions by a factor of two.

School Year (term): 
C&D Zodiac
Team Name: 
Jess Colton
Team Members: 
Haley Lott, Trevor Kitchen, Tyler Hampton, Taylor Hendrickson, Blake Farley

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