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For the 2013-2014 academic school year, the Ira Fulton College of Engineering and Technology and the BYU Mechanical Engi-neering Department sponsored a team of 9 students to design and build a single-person vehicle capable of operating under rugged, off-road conditions. This vehicle will soon compete in an international competition known as the SAE Baja collegiate design se-ries. In this event, 100 teams from colleges and universities around the world compete against one another in a design and perfor-mance competition culminating in an off-road vehicle race. The purpose of the competition is to give students the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team while exposing them to the development process of building an automotive product.

The 2014 BYU Baja team spent the academic year working diligently and was able to produce a high quality vehicle that is composed of an inde-pendent suspension system, a durable frame that has been optimized for weight, an efficient and light continuously varying transmission, a innova-tive and newly designed gear box, and light weight, highly effective brakes. These components in addition to others have come together to produce a vehicle that is lightweight, highly maneuverable, fast, and durable.

The BYU motor sports lab has a rich history of producing highly competitive vehicles that frequently place amongst top competitors. Previous to this year’s projects, BYU has placed 1st and 2nd in Formula, Supermilage, and Baja SAE competitions multiple years running. The 2014 Baja team would love nothing more than to continue BYU’s tradition of excellence, and are confident that this year’s vehicle will do so by placing amongst the competi-tions top contestants. BYU’s participation and success in this competition represents the high caliber students and the quality education that is found at Brigham Young University.

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32: BYU Baja
Dr. Dale Tree
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Nathan Andersen, Caleb Lystrup, Joshua Cluff, Tate Fanning, Benjamin Salazar, Brandon Jensen, Rydge Mulfrod, Harrison Douglass, Cam Wride

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