Camera Stabilization Platform for Legged Robot

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The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), a division of technology development within the Navy, requested that BYU Capstone Team 28 design and prototype a neck like camera stabilization platform for the Allegro Dog – a four legged robot. This platform would facilitate the NRL’s research in robot kinematics by properly stabilizing and orienting a data collection sensor package.

Concept development lead Team 28 to the solution featured in image 1. This apparatus uses a four-bar linkage with a dual cross spring mechanism, and a gimbal structure that actuates in three degrees of freedom plus one degree of freedom in pitch for a laser range finder. The system stabilizes low-frequencies passively, and is designed with the intention to be able to stabilize higher frequency vibrations through proper programming of the gimbal structure.  This system will allow the NRL to advance research into locomotion algorithms in legged robotics.

The results of this capstone project allow the NRL to begin preliminary research into the locomotion algorithms of legged robotics.  They can now collect accurate environmental data from the stabilized camera system, facilitating  improvements in robotic gait patterns. This project will be further developed by the NRL for more complete stabilization and has been built to work with other robots so it can be used in future research projects.

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Anton Bowden
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James Brady, Morgan Gillespie, Chris Graham, Daniel Koch, Jordan McDonald, & Addam Roberts

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