DataCable Inspection Tool for Oil Drilling

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NOV IntelliServ has developed a method of instantaneous transmission of down-hole data while drilling for oil using a Wired Drill Pipe Network. High speed coaxial DataCables run within pipe walls and use induction coils on pipe tool mounts to create a continuous transmission line. When placed, these DataCables are under 400 pounds of tension and are subject to failure should stress increase. Thus, a minimum cross-sectional area of the DataCable must be maintained to reduce probability of down-hole failure. Due to erosion and wear to the DataCable that comes as a result of the harsh environment in which it operates and with no current method of inspection, the minimum cross-sectional area may be compromised and lead to down-hole failure.

Hard Line was contracted by IntelliServ to develop a DataCable Inspection Tool that will reduce the risk of down-hole failure by allowing inspectors to determine DataCable diameter. The inspection tool that was developed uses visual systems and image processing to measure DataCable diameter. The tool clamps directly onto the DataCable to ensure accuracy and accumulates diametrical measurement data for the inspector. The data can then be used to determine if the DataCable needs replacing.

It is anticipated that the DataCable Inspection Tool will be used to inspect DataCables in drill pipes around the globe to prevent down-hole failure. Preventing down-hole failure will potentially save drilling companies millions of dollars by reducing the amount of time the drill string is out of the ground.

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NOV IntelliServ
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Hard Line
Ken Hardman
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Jim Allan, Stephen Hutchins, Riley Hiatt, Mitchell Brower, Josh Schmidt

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