Digital Heart Sensor

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A startup company, Sound the Bell, LLC, sponsored our Capstone Team to assist in the development of their first product. Dr. Curtis Mason, the founder of Sound the Bell, LLC, wanted a device that families can use in their homes and doctors can use in their offices. The main problem that Dr. Mason wanted to solve was that typical stethoscopes are not comfortable and the tubes often get in the way. Also, current digital stethoscopes cost around $300, which is more than a home consumer would want to purchase.

Our Capstone team was tasked with creating a functional prototype of a digital heart sensor with an electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG). We were able to create a device that communicates wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset or speakers to listen to the audio of the heart and lungs. It can also communicate with an iOS device to display, record, and send data. The ECG can pick up voltages across the heart and send readings over Blue-tooth to the iOS device. All these components come together in our final product to solve the problems that were presented, though the device still needs some more work before it is ready for the market.

Our project was able to help our sponsor initiate his startup company. We were able to provide him with a device that he can then take to a consult-ing firm and get a product on the market. In the future, our sponsor hopes that the device will be able to perform signal analysis and inform users of possible health issues such as heart murmurs, pneumonia, etc.

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23: Kardias
Tim Gunsay
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Sean Brown, Sara Skouson, Joshua Wilson, Conner Gietz, Colin Lacey, Daniel McArthur

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