Drilling Pipe Demonstration Kit and RFID Reader Fixture

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Our project’s sponsor, IntelliServ, a joint venture with NOV and Schlumberger, manufactures high-speed telemetry drill pipes for the oil and gas industry. Our team was tasked with two different projects for IntelliServ. The first was a portable high-speed telemetry demonstration kit which could be used at expos or trade shows to display the company’s unique technology. The second project consisted of designing a Radio Frequency Identification Device The demonstration kit was designed to consist of five different drill pipes that could be connected to form a miniature drill string,four display stands, and four cases for shipping. It will use the company’s revolutionary proprietary technology to present to potential customers around the world before this year is over. A solid working prototype of the RFID reader fixture was created to enable IntelliServ to more easily identify pipe sections by mating to the pipes inductive coils. The fixture created was able to effectively connect to either side of a drill pipe and perform an electrical test which veri-fied the functionality of the design.

The demonstration kit will benefit IntelliServ’s sales and marketing teams as they look to sustain their healthy growth in the oil and gas industry. Those teams will use it most frequently as they advertise their products to oil and gas drilling companies and they are both excited to put it to use. The RFID reader fixture will be further developed by IntelliServ engineers to refine the design and create a product that can be used not only at IntelliServ, but by their customers as well. The ability to quickly identify pipe sections will undoubtedly save time and prevent wasted efforts for the user as they will be able to correctly identify drilling pipes the first time.


School Year (term): 
NOV IntelliServ
Team Name: 
Marcus Darrington
Team Members: 
Austin Huntsman, Brad Stewart, Carlton Reininger, Nathan Rieske, Scott Pitcher

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