Electro-Mechanical "SmartBoot" Redesign

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New Jersey based parking services company, PayLock, assists large cities to recoup lost income due to unpaid parking tickets. In New York alone there are over $700 million in parking fines left unpaid. PayLock combats this issue with their one of a kind “SmartBoot”, which employs an electromechanical
system that allows a violator the option to remove the boot via a keypad after their fine is paid. These boots have been in use for over 10 years and are in need of upgraded systems and functionality. PayLock recruited BYU’s Capstone Team 22 for development in reducing the manufacturing cost and upgrading the overall system.

The final solution identified the most expensive aspects of the old design and focused on simplifying and reducing these costs. The redesign identified the locking mechanism and the electronics as the two specific systems with the highest potential for cost reduction while maintaining functionality. The project resulted in an overall cost reduction of nearly $100 per boot.

With $100 dollars of savings per boot and 5,000 boots being manufactured every year, this equates to half a million dollars per year in total savings for PayLock. The functionality and durability did not decrease at all, despite the reduction in costs. In some areas, functionality and security even increased.

In summary, PayLock is going to receive a new parking boot with updated electronics and a redesigned locking mechanism that will allow a reduction of $100 in manufacturing costs per boot.

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PayLock, Inc.
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Terri Bateman
Team Members: 
Andrew Pack, Annika Dugan, Braden Hancock, Carter Olsen, Pavel Yurevich

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