Formula FSAE Hybrid

This year, 13 BYU students helped build and design the FSAE Hybrid for the Formula-SAE Hybrid competition. Teams came from all around the country to present and even race their hybrids and the BYU team focused on a hybrid engine.

The team used hydraulic technology to their design and used pressurized hydraulic fluid (which stores energy in hydraulic accumulators) to help the engine's energy consumption. They used a Kawasaki 250cc engine to apply the hydraulic effect because it has the highest horsepower engine for its size and the team came back with two-first place awards for their FSAE Hybrid. The team received the Most Innovative Design from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth and the Best Hybrid System Engineering 2009 award from Chrysler.

“The team from Brigham Young impressed everyone with their work,” Don Anderson said in his interview with BYU News. “I chose them because they considered the overall vehicle as a system and critically examined all possible hybrid alternatives.” Anderson is the chief design judge representing Chrysler.

School Year (term): 
BYU Mechanical Engineering
Team Name: 
FSAE Hybrid
Robert Todd
Team Members: 
Jeff Harris , Tom Heng , David Brunner , Benton Russell , Brandon Woodland , Rhett Phillips , Dusty Kleinman , Tim Jenkins , Bobby Yen , Dave Marriott , Lee Hoskins , Brent Warr , John Warr

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