Grain Mill for Blender Base

Blendtec is one of the leading producers of high end blenders. While their blenders are designed primarily for wet blends, consumers have realized that they can mill grains in the blenders. However, there are some drawbacks. The flour produced doesn’t have a consistent coarseness, and tends to be on the grainy side. Also, because the blender jars are designed for smoothies and soups, instead of flour, dust escapes through the vent holes in the lids. Finally, the hard grains scratch and pit the soft plastic the jars are made from, mixing plastic into the flour and leaving the jars permanently scarred.

Our product effectively addresses all three of these issues. Flour consistency and grain size is controlled with a stainless steel mesh. Only flour particles that have been broken down to the proper size can exit the blend cycle through the mesh. A catcher is used to direct the exiting flour to the user-provided storage container. When paired with the sealed lid, the catcher is the only opening in the system for flour and air to pass through, slow-ing the air velocity dramatically and allowing the flour to pour out of the catcher without creating a sizable dust cloud. Finally, all of the milling takes place inside of a stainless steel insert. The blade is attached directly to the insert, and the lid fits directly onto the insert as well. The insert protects the plastic jar from abrasion or even contact with the flour. Further, the entire system is easily disassembled for cleaning.

Blendtec now has access to a viable new product design and the accom-panying concepts. The design of the insert also brings them one step closer to producing a line of steel jars. Overall, this design can help them capture more of their target market share, and more effectively compete against other leading brands.

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Darrel Goff
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Levi Ellis, Sharon Heydorn, David Lambert, Jake Lessie, Colton Lund, and Michael Marler

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