Improved Steering & Maneuverability for a Mobile X-Ray System

GE Healthcare sponsored a team of students to redesign and build the rear steering system for a mobile X-ray machine. The 9900 mobile X-ray system uses a pivoting rear wheel mechanism to maneuver a machine weighing 700 lbs. around the hospital. The purpose of this device is to make X-ray machines portable to assist surgeons in the OR, especially in situations where the patient cannot easily be moved.

While the current GE design is widely accepted and has been used for more than 15 years, there were several opportunities for improvement. The overall ease of operation was improved by reducing the manual effort needed to maneuver the system by over 50% and reducing the wheel base width by 4 inches to afford easier passage through doorways. These changes make a difference in the healthcare services provided to patents in both the emergency and operating rooms worldwide.

This project has benefited GE Healthcare by producing a steering system design that far exceeds that of the current model. This concept is one more building block that GE Healthcare could incorporate into their next generation of mobile X-ray machines, as they continue to set the industry standard in healthcare products and services.

School Year (term): 
GE Healthcare
Team Name: 
Mobile X
Dorothy Taylor
Team Members: 
Nate Barr, Alex Garrett, Dustan Kraus, Nathanael Neil, Jared Park, Steven Quinn

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