Induction Heating Station

O.C. Tanner produces metal recognition awards including Olympic medals. The awards are pressed with a die, which causes the metal to harden. Some awards need to be heated and annealed for subsequent pressing operations to be successful. O.C. Tanner currently uses a furnace to heat the parts which can take up to twenty minutes. O.C. Tanner desires to improve the heating process by replacing the current approach with an induction heating station.

The heating station is built upon a cart design that O.C. Tanner uses throughout their manufacturing line. It features two heating units, quenching buckets, and pneumatically-actuated part holders controlled by PLCs.

The heating station that we built can heat all metal types and sizes that O.C. Tanner creates. Most importantly, it can heat these parts in under five minutes, which is four times faster than the furnace that they were using.

The station was designed with safety in mind from the start. It features an emergency stop button and a safety barrier to protect the user from the induction coil. The station is easy to use and new users can be trained in less than five minutes.

School Year (term): 
O.C. Tanner
Team Name: 
Brian Iverson
Team Members: 
Layne Forbes, Max Tarver, Tim Welker, Michael Boyd, Katie Pusey

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