Induction Hot Forming

Burr Oak Tool makes straight tube cutoff machines used for turning tubular stock into straight cut to length parts with the option of tube end-forming. The machine uses a ram forming process which cold works the material into the desired form. Most forms require multiple hits from the ram. Hot forming (above recrystallization temperature) of material extends the capability of the forming process. Burr Oak Tool is considering hot tube end-forming as an optional feature on a new straight tube line. Burr Oak believes this feature will bring value to the market by enabling production of previously impossible end-forms in a single hit.

Our main objective was making sure the heating method was reliable and fast. We found the proper voltage and time settings to reach red hot (650°C), which is above the recrystallization temperature, for copper pipes. We found that we were able to heat the pipes reliably within two seconds. This short time allows for previously impossible end-forms to be produced using the same machine without exceeding the desired cycle time. We incorporated the work head of the induction heater into the end forming machine. We found that the best position for the work head would be inside the frame but just offset from the feeding clamp. This allows the work head to be incorporated in the current machine envelope.

Burr Oak Tool will have straight tube cutoff machines that are capable of producing previously impossible end-forms and produce them in single hits. Their current machines do not need to be modified but the induction heater can be added in the current envelope. In the future, the end forming can now be tested for the maximum stretch that hot forming will produce and reliability of single hit forming.

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Burr Oak Tool
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Eric McKell
Team Members: 
Stephen Graham, Kasey Coleman, John Bradley Wood, Jeff Clark, Joseph Packard, Nathan Day

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