Latching of an Environmental Sensing Device

Sandia National Laboratories uses sophisticated technology and science to solve problems involving national security.  An environmental sensing device prevents detonation of an explosive device until it has experienced its intended delivery mode.  The project focused on developing a new design for an electrically actuated latch and interface that allows for the robust latching of a sensing mass in the safe position, and the electronic reporting of the state of the latch to the user.

The design consists of a brushed DC motor that controls the motion of a pin.  The motor turns a lead screw which drives the pin in and out of the sensing mass based on an electrical signal sent from the user.

The latch senses the current state of the device from two sets of contact leads. A fin on the pin presses one set of leads together and based on the closed contact, the state of the device is known.

Overall, the design is simplistic in nature.  This allows for the transferability of the design as well as decreases the probability of failure.  Additionally, the design was tested and based on these results and further analysis it is predicted to exceed all of the sponsor’s requirements. 

School Year (term): 
Sandia National Laboratories
Team Name: 
Bomb Squad
Jeffrey Niven
Team Members: 
Spencer Abbott, Quinn Johnson, McCall Barger, & Jenna Newcomb

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