Low Cost Fuzing System

L3 & Ordnance Systems specializes in the development and production of fuzing and safe arming devices. They manufacture mis-sile and rocket-driven products for the U.S. military and other international allies. All forms of projectiles incorporate devices that are meant to safely and reliably arm the ex-plosive only under launch conditions. Often composed of small intricate parts, these de-vices represent a significant portion of the projectile’s total cost. The purpose of this project was to design and test a low cost arming device that performs the same func-tions as those currently used, without sacri-ficing safety or reliability.

Arming devices must perform three basic functions. They must move a charge into alignment with the rest of the explosive train, as well as have two locking features that only allow this to happen under a given rota-tional velocity and axial acceleration. The team rose to this challenge by designing a four-bar compliant mechanism that translates the charge to the arming position. The translation is only able to occur once a rotational pawl and a setback pin disengage from the four bar mechanism. This complies with military standards that require the safe handling of explo-sive projectiles, while reliably arming when launched.

This design implements significantly less parts than current arming de-vices, which will simplify manufacturing and assembly. Replacing ma-chined metal parts with plastic, injection moldable parts will also greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing. Cost analysis estimates that the device will have a unit price of a mere $0.97, over 100 times less than those currently used. L3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems will greatly benefit from this elegance and simplicity as they continue to provide reliable, high quality arms to the U.S. Military and its allies.

School Year (term): 
L3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems
Team Name: 
Jeffery Niven
Team Members: 
Brandon Bolander, Ryan Durfee, Ariana Pedersen, Derek Welch, Ben Wright, and Taylor Wofford

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