Orientation Indicators for a Mobile X-ray System

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GE Healthcare provides cutting-edge radiology and fluoroscopy imaging tools to healthcare providers. One such tool is the OEC C-arm (pictured right), which is used for high quality low dose surgical imaging in a hospital or outpatient setting. The C-arm’s movement is hand-powered to keep it light and mobile. However, this makes it difficult for a radiology technician to be able to quickly and accurately move the C-arm to a previous position and orientation. Team Revolūt was tasked with creating a system to aid technicians in this task of returning the C-arm to a predetermined position.

The team’s solution was to create a system that could measure the C-arm’s position at any given time, allow a technician to recall a previously saved position, and have visual feedback guide the technician to that position. The position was read by a series of sensors (encoders) that relayed the information to a central processor and a tablet user interface. LED arrows indicated which direction the arm should be moved when a position was recalled using the tablet, and a braking system automatically locked the C-arm in the target position when it was reached. These components allowed a user to move the arm faster and with more precision than without.

GE Healthcare benefited from a well explored design space. Presented with an open-ended prompt, team Revolūt investigated measurement and feedback concepts (including some not included in the final design), which provided GE with new solutions to other design problems as well as seeing which solutions would not be suitable for their applications.

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GE Medical
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Tim McLain
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Ryan Barrett, Greg Belnap, Trevor Buckner, Devin Shumway, Nicholas Whipple

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