Parametric Analysis of Safety Valve Lock-Out Tool

Schlumberger is a large company employing 84,000 people in over 80 countries. In 2008 operating revenues totaled $27.16 billion, according to their annual report.

Schlumberger approached BYU Capstone to improve a parametric design of a safety valve lockout tool used in the oilfield industry. The team implemented methods to have Pro-E determine thread and o-ring sizes from standard tables; and they also implemented a method for conducting a tolerance accumulation analysis automatically. One of the major improvements made was developing a parametric model of another, existing communication tool. This model allows the tool to be updated to varying sizes.

The team also developed a 2-D demonstration model of the lockout tool, which will expedite understanding of how the tool functions.

School Year (term): 
Team Name: 
Parametric Precision
Matt Strong
Team Members: 
Nelson Kroeker , Tanner Payne , Brian Wood , Matt Asay , Seth Christensen

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