Pneumatic Accessories for Off-Road Vehicles

Our sponsors Chris Musso and Jonathan Sylvester of Moose motorsports are active off-road enthusiasts.  Our project goal was to develop a family of pneumatic accessories, centered around a high pressure air tank, capable of solving a variety of different problems encountered when off-roading.

These problems included re-beading and filling a tire, lifting an off-road vehicle, securely storing and mounting the air tank system to the roll cage for easy access, lifting a vehicle in diverse terrain, and altering the terrain to make it easier to navigate challenging obstacles. 

We were able to accomplish each of these tasks with our family of pneumatic accessories pictured. After market research and understanding the design requirements of our family of pneumatic accessories we were able to prototype some parts and purchase others. These designs led to further research and testing to validate and prove our designs. Through these tests we discovered that our pneumatic air supply met our sponsor’s requirements. We easily re-beaded a tire multiple times. The capacity of our pneumatic air supply made it possible to fill the boulder jack multiple times. The boulder jack easily lifted 7,500 lbs. The boulder jack served as a lightweight terrain altering device to aid in navigating challenging obstacles. We, along with our sponsor, field tested the products and were very happy with the performance of our products as they met and in some cases exceeded our goals and predictions. Our sponsor now has a family of pneumatic accessories, including engineering designs and product designs, they can further develop and take to market.

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Moose Motorsports
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PNEU Design
Chris Bailey
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Shane Sypherd, Shaun Rhodes, Nate Bridgewater, David Graham, Taylor Hill

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