Pressure Loading on Valve Train

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John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) does extensive testing on their engines to create some of the best equipment in the world. Valve train test stands are an integral part to producing great engines. This test uses an electric motor to spin the crank of a pistonless engine. The valve train is allowed to cycle but without forces seen on the valves due to residual combustion pressure. Our task was to replicate this pressure put on the valve heads that translates throughout the system. This would provide JDPS with more realistic wear characteristics without the cost of burning large amounts of diesel fuel.

Team Valvable solved this problem with a pneumatic system. An industrial air compressor supplies air to a modified sleeve installed in the engine. The small exhaust valve cavity is pressurized with each engine cycle, which replicates the forces normally experienced by the exhaust valves in a running engine. The small cavity volume pressurizes quickly and helps reduce the amount of air lost when the valves open. One of the major focuses of the project was to accurately determine the amount of compressed air that would be required to run the system.

This system will allow JDPS to improve the quality and efficiency of their engine valve train testing, which will in turn lead to even better engines. It greatly reduces the cost to accurately test the wear characteristics of new valve train designs and will improve confidence in implementing a new valve train design on a full engine test. Team Valvable has done extensive modeling and testing to show that the design will work and has manufactured a set of six modified cylinder sleeves. JDPS will be implementing the system and will characterize the system in actual use.

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John Deere Power Systems
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Larry Moore
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Cameron Rogers, Colton Hinckley, Jason Holm, CJ Garner, Chad Bangerter

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