Process Design for Direct Pelletization of Molten Pharmaceutical Polymer

DisperSol Technologies creates unique pharmaceutical compounds.  These compounds are unable to be pelletized using conventional pharmaceutical pellet making processes.  Poly Pellet Pharmaceuticals designed a process to pelletize these unique compounds.  The process needed to effectively catch a shot of pharmaceutical polymer and turn it into pellets.

The design solution resulted in a manufacturing process which 1) catches and funnels the shot into a twin screw extruder 2) transports and pressurizes the shot through a die head to make strands and 3) cuts the strands into pellets and collects them.

Some concerns that were addressed in the process design were effective heat transfer management and integration considerations. The sponsor has expressed optimism with the design.  The design gives the sponsor options to approach DisperSol management about.

School Year (term): 
DisperSol Technologies
Team Name: 
Poly Pellet Pharmaceuticals
Mark Davis
Team Members: 
Blake Cannon, Brayden Skousen, Christian Esplin, Landen Blackburn

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