Process Design for Roof Frame Prefabrication

Sunroc Building Materials traditionally provides raw construction supplies to home builders, but has recently expanded their offering to supply builders with prefabricated wall panels and floor trusses. Until now, Sunroc has built wooden roof trusses in their factory and shipped them to a construction site in stacks for framing on the erected walls. Seeing that this method is expensive and unsafe, the capstone team helped Sunroc further expand this prefabricated product line by creating an in-factory process for building shingle-ready roof frame sections that can be shipped to a site and installed on top of framed walls.

The capstone team created a roof frame prefabrication process and used manufacturing and statistical modeling to show Sunroc how the new process would be an improvement upon their traditional roof frame construction. The deliverables of this project were: a floor plan of the newly designed facility, a work process document outlining the process for framing these roof modules, a developed concept and partial prototype of a fixture used to frame the roofs in the factory, and a document showing a cost analysis and trade-off analysis of the current framing process compared to the capstone team’s newly developed process.

This project greatly benefitted Sunroc Building Materials as it allowed them to explore the possibility of expanding their product offering and increasing their profits in home frame construction. If Sunroc decides to build this facility and implement the process designed by the capstone team, they can expect several significant benefits relating to their roof production process, such as improved safety, faster construction times, and lower cost. Specifically, the cost of producing roofs is expected to decrease by about 30%.

School Year (term): 
Sunroc Building Materials
Team Name: 
Van Rogers
Team Members: 
Barrett Johnson, Takami Kowalski (Captain), Mark Miller, Tyson Quilter, Reeve Sudweeks

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