Quick Exchange Electric Airplane Battery Pack

Currently, the aerospace industry faces a variety of problems, such as the rising costs of jet fuel, the need to reduce air pol-lution, and complaints about noise levels. These three problems can be addressed by exchanging the turbofan engines for elec-tric ones. Electrijet Flight Systems, Inc. is setting itself apart from their competitors by putting the batteries in the motor shroud. This reduces the amount of wiring needed, which cuts back on weight and electrical resistance. This motor shroud will be removable so that instead of being plugged in for a few hours, the plane can be recharged by quickly swapping out the old motor shroud for a charged one. Our task was to design three different concepts that can be removed and attached in under 2 minutes.

Our team split up into three sub-teams and each developed a concept. The three concepts we designed each have unique characteristics that set them apart. We will describe each of them in the order of the clamshell concept, the snap-and-rotate concept, and the linear concept. Each design meets the re-quired time and ease to change the shroud and also is able to withstand the force the airplane will experience. These critical success measures maximize the amount of time the plane will be in the air, which is all airline companies’ main goal.

Electrijet will now either focus on one of the concepts or take different aspects of each and combine them. When this technology makes its way into every-day life, both air and sound pollution caused by airplanes will drop significantly.

School Year (term): 
Electrijet Flight Systems, Inc.
Team Name: 
Ground Crew
Rich Ziegler
Team Members: 
Derrik Jenkins, Eric Nordstrom, Logan Hill, Joseph Barton, Shawn Lebaron, Samuel Hayden

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