Rapid Automated Design of Antenna Yokes

This capstone project is sponsored by L3 Technologies, “a leading provider of networked communication solutions” for the Department of Defense. Each year L3 produces hundreds of communications systems that have an antenna supported by an antenna yoke. The current yoke design process uses custom composite layups and takes up to 9 months and costs up to $7,500 to produce.

We have been tasked with developing a software tool that will reduce the cost of the antenna yoke to less than $2,500 and cut the development time to less than 2 weeks.The software tool that we produced easily fulfills these requirements. This was accomplished by carefully researching the desires of the design engineers who will be using the software and designing the software to meet these desires. The tool is simple, customizable, and fast.

It works by taking a variety of inputs from the user, then creates a list of possible yoke designs. The software calculates how much each yoke design weighs and what it’s natural frequency is. Then the program allows the user choose the design that best fits their needs and creates a CAD model of the chosen yoke design.

This CAD model contains all of the information necessary to manufacture the yoke, including materials, suppliers, part numbers, tolerances, and manufacturing information.


School Year (term): 
L3 Technologies
Team Name: 
Jeff Allen
Team Members: 
Clancy Strand, Jesse Van Horn, Kaleb Garlick, Boston Barham, Neil Olsen

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