Remotely Controlled Energetic Materials Machine

A computer- automated, remotely controlled CNC lathe has been designed and built by RP Machining for machining energetic materials. A lathe is a rotating machine that cuts around an axis and the team developed theirs to be driven by an explosion-proof spindle motor. RP Machining focused the development of the machine on its operation and structure along with its safety and explosion proofing.

The lathe includes an AC sensorless vector drive and motor with a 1750 RPM along with positioning monitors, wipers, bellows, and lube systems to help the system operate in machining these different energetic materials. It can machine workpieces up to 5.5 inches in diameter with a maximum tool feed rate for 30 in/min.

School Year (term): 
ATK Space Systems
Team Name: 
RP Machining
David Comer
Team Members: 
Walter Fazio , Aaron Carbine , Dave Smyth , Jon Noren , Greg Holst , Janneke Shirts

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