The BYU Mechanical Engineering Department sponsored a team of students to design, build, and compete with an open-wheel, single-seat, off-road racing vehicle. The SAE Baja competition series pits students at the top engineering universities around the world against each other in demonstrations of
engineering skill and technical ability. The purpose of the competition is to provide team centered multi-disciplinary design opportunities for students and promote innovation in vehicle handling, reliability, and efficient use of power.

To place in the top 5 in every event, the team went to work early thinking up innovative ways to maximize power available at the rear wheels with
the first ever carbon fiber IsoTruss half shafts and compliant planar spring transmission. Innovations continue in a steering system that is 80% carbon
fiber and simplified suspension mounting using heim joints. All new suspension geometry stabilizes the 310 lb. car, offering high levels of driver confidence on even the roughest terrain.

Gorman, CA will be the ultimate proving ground where the BYU MechanicalEngineering department will take on engineers worldwide. The department’s
continued support of competition continues to create innovation and winning designs, introducing industry leaders and engineering peers to the high caliber education and design experience we enjoy at BYU.

School Year (term): 
BYU Department of Mechanical Engineering
Team Name: 
Dr. Carl Sorensen
Team Members: 
Kevin Shirley, Jordan Smith, Jens Jacobson, Casey Tanner, Cole Washburn, Adam Henrie, Caleb Brown, Azzem Serrato, Trevor Stevens, Taylor Stewart, & Loren Swenson

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