Smart Seal for Monitoring Seal Degradation

Parker Hannifin sponsored a team of students to create a system of embedded sensors that could track key environmental conditions of a seal. When a seal fails, it can be very costly and dangerous. The ability of the seal to warn the customer before this happens increases the value of the seal significantly. Information from Parker Hannifin suggests that there are three factors that influence the lifespan of a dynamic seal. These are the temperature of the seal over time, the pressure differential across the seal, and the material loss of the lip on the seal. The goal of this project was to embed sensors into a 19” rotary seal so that the temperature, pressure, and material loss can be tracked over time.

The design team produced a system capable of reading and recording the temperature, pressure, and material loss of the seal. Sensors were either bought or built and then embedded in the seal. These sensors are connected to a node capable of recording data, averaging it, and communicating it to the internet. This new capability of a seal to monitor its remaining lifespan both saves money for the user and reduces the probability of a dangerous situation for those that work around dynamic seals.

The system produced by the design team benefits Parker Hannifin through its ability to open new markets and fill the need for a smart seal.  Because the system incorporates several components already produced by Parker Hannifin (such as the Gateway), the process of producing the system is less complicated and easier to implement. Moving forward, the system can be adapted to different size seals, providing the same benefits both to the end user of the seal and to Parker Hannifin.

School Year (term): 
Parker Hannifin
Team Name: 
Dynamic Seals
David Fullwood
Team Members: 
Brian Ricks, Luke Robertson, Jacob Kimball, Alec Crestani, Jeff Merrill

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