Special Collections Scanning System

The BYU Harold B. Lee Library has a large Special Collections section with thousands of unique manuscripts and files and over one million photographs. Their goal is to digitize all of these documents making them available to people throughout the world. Currently, scanning documents is extremely time consuming. The HBLL sponsored this capstone team with the goal of greatly reducing scan-ning time while protecting the documents and producing high quality images.
The capstone team designed and built a circular rotating tabletop, which is powered by a small motor. A portion of the work surface is covered by a hood, under which images of the documents are captured using a high resolution camera. Users load a document onto the table, after which the location of the document is sensed by two webcams mounted on the hood frame. The motor then rotates the table such that the document is moved directly underneath the camera. This system will help make unique documents easily accessible for research throughout the world.

This new scanning system decreases the time required to scan a document to a fraction of what it was previously, increasing the productivity of library employees. The sponsor will be able to digitize their current collection much faster, making the completion of digitizing the library’s collection more feasible. These same benefits apply to any library or research institution that wishes to digitize a large collection. The scanner design is patent pending with the hope of selling it to a company who will make these systems available to the market.

School Year (term): 
BYU: Harold B. Lee Library
Team Name: 
Mass Archive Scanning System (MASS)
Mark Killpack
Team Members: 
Dan Carpenter, Andy Hibbard, Kristy Kohlert, Janel Mayfield, Derek Sacks, PJ Stanley, Scot Wilcox

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