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CompleteSpeech provides solutions and training within the speech modification industry. Originally founded by Dr. Sam Fletcher, a renowned speech-language pathologist and researcher, the company works with speech-language pathologists to correct patients’ articulation issues and with language-learners seeking to improve or remove their accents. CompleteSpeech has developed a device, called the SmartPalate, which visually displays the position of the tongue during speech. With this device, users can see where their tongue is inside their mouth as they speak and use this visual feedback to correct any mistakes. This device has revolutionized speech-language pathology, but the cost, sensor design, and time to availability limits its accessibility for the general public.

Team Sensor’d Speech has redesigned the current device to be cheaper, easier to produce, and more user friendly. Using an adhesive wafer and a new printed-circuit board sensor which can be scaled for different sizes, the new SmartPalate sensor is almost instantly ready to use, conforms comfortably to the roof of the mouth, and costs 70% less than the original sensor to manufacture.

The redesigned SmartPalate prototype is the forerunner to the next generation of CompleteSpeech’s speech sensor product line. When it is ready for market, the redesigned SmartPalate will be used around the world to help children and adults correct speech impediments, improve accents, and give them greater confidence in their speaking abilities. The work of Team Sensor’d Speech is a fundamental step in the continued success and positive, global impact of the SmartPalate.

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Sensor'd Speech
Dexter Francis, Mike Ridges
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Ben Brownlee, Bryce DeFigueiredo, Alex Crowley, Andrew Nielsen, Parker Rosquist

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