Stringer End Trim Machine

Working with Boeing (Auburn), Aero-Trim devised a new and updated mill that produces end trim geometry for all desired stringer-end profiles. The stringers, which give strength to airplanes, are now outdated and parts can be expensive and hard to replace.

Boeing is currently using a programmable 3-axis mill to cut stringers (a thin-walled aluminum part which attaches to the skin of an aircraft fuselage) but the new machine concept Aero-Trim has developed is fast, durable and accurate within 0.03 inch tolerance on all its cuts. They developed an end effector on the end of a robotic arm to make the cuts along with clamp fixture prototypes to steady their model.

School Year (term): 
Boeing (Auburn)
Team Name: 
Yon Lindsey
Team Members: 
Curtis Wiederhold , Jeremy Coyne , Ashley Lavin , Ammon Johnson , Tim Shurtz , Kyle Monson

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