Submersible Water Pump Housing

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Rather than simply turning on a faucet, most citizens of the developing world must manually obtain their daily water from wells. Water for One is an organization that aids individual families in Nicaragua by providing them with water pump systems, thus reducing the time and effort required to draw water. Capstone Team 29 was tasked with designing a housing that would allow non-submersible pumps to be used in wells. In order to meet the families’ needs, the housing needed to be inexpensive, easily serviceable, watertight, and durable.

We designed a cylindrical enclosure to hold the pump that sinks in the water with the lid upright. The water inlet and outlet and the electrical connection all interface with the pump through the lid, which is bolted to a flange that rings the top of the enclosure. A rubber gasket makes a watertight seal between the lid and the flange. The simple design allows easy access to the pump by loosening the bolts with common hand tools.

The enclosure we designed benefits Water for One because they now have a design that can be mass produced and easily installed and maintained in developing countries. The enclosure protects the non-submersible water pump from damage and will allow families to obtain 500 gallons of water per day at a fraction (approximately 1/5) of the cost of other available systems. We are confident that our design will aid Water for One in its mission of improving the lives of individual families in Nicaragua.

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Water for One
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Water for One
Jayrin Seegmiller
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Nicolas Bons, Emily Evans, Cassi Lee, Austin Olson, Benjamin Taylor

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