Supermileage Vehicle

The 2016-17 BYU Supermileage Capstone Team was sponsored by the BYU Mechanical Engineering Department to compete at the Shell Eco-marathon in Detroit, Michigan. They were tasked with designing, building, and testing a high efficiency vehicle, capable of achieving over 1400 mpg at the BYU test track. Building upon the work of previous teams, they identified and implemented improvements in order to increase fuel efficiency and vehicle reliability.

Building upon previous iterations of aerodynamic, low friction BYU supermileage vehicles, the team designed, fabricated, and tested a new gasoline powered engine to be used in an existing supermileage chassis. They also built a portable dynamometer for tuning the engine at the competition.

The team customized a Briggs and Stratton Junior 206 engine block to have a displacement volume of 54 cc and a 17:1 compression ratio. The small displacement volume decreased the amount of fuel required per engine cycle, while the high compression ratio maintained adequate power output. The dynamometer was built using a DC motor with variable applied resistance. The vehicle wiring was replaced and color coded for improved reliability and ease of use.

These actions resulted in the team achieving 1404 mpg at the BYU test track, with a corresponding overall efficiency of 13%. Of the eleven tests with the new engine, nine were successful. The dynamometer has been used repeatedly for engine tuning and will be taken to Detroit for additional tuning at the competition. 

School Year (term): 
BYU Department of Mechanical Engineering
Team Name: 
Supermileage Vehicle Team
Dale Tree
Team Members: 
Chris Wride, Madison Boyer, Jared Lutz, Miles Davis, Ian Syndergaard, Adam Ziegenfelder, Scott Egbert

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