UAV Antenna Location Optimizer

Raytheon Applied Signal Technology focuses on national security through cyber security, sensor surveillance, and broadband communications.  Our project with them focused on automating the process of finding an optimal location to receive a radio signal. The current process involves experienced operators using a trial-and-error approach to find a local maximum of signal strength.

Our solution utilizes a UAV to fly through an area and measure the strength of a particular signal at many discrete locations and rotation angles.  By collating these signal points together with the telemetry data at those same points (Longitude, Latitude, Elevation, etc.), we found areas with high signal strength. This solution is superior to collecting the data by hand because it can be done with a single operator and the UAV can cover large areas of ground very quickly.

Our project is a proof-of-concept to determine whether this kind of solution is feasible.  Our sponsor, Raytheon AST, was impressed with our progress and will continue optimizing our system now that we’ve proven it can work. Additionally, there are several future directions that can be taken and developed into future Capstone projects. We have provided recommendations to Raytheon AST to help them determine the future focus of project-related goals.

School Year (term): 
Raytheon Applied Signal Technology
Team Name: 
Steve Schultz
Team Members: 
Brian Gulbransen, Sheldon Lee, Ryan Miskin, Connor Monson, and Patrick Thornton

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