X-ray Tube Cooling Pump

Varian Medical Systems is a leading world-wide company in radiation oncology treat-ments and software maker. They build x-ray tubes for a wide variety of applications as well as imaging devices and the software needed to perform these treatments. Varian Medical System’s mission is “to focus energy on saving lives.” Varian Medical Systems has asked us to develop a low-cost replacement for the x-ray tube coolant pump.

Our approach to minimizing the cost was to simplify the housing design. We eliminated complicated welds, simplified manufacturing processes, and changed the material to aluminum. The simplifications also allow for a more modular design that can be easily modified for application on different machines. Using aluminum has the added benefit of decreasing manufacture time as it is softer than stainless steel and can be machined quicker with less wear on the tools. All these modifications have decreased labor costs per motor to about $30 which includes an experi-enced welder and CNC machine operators.

By decreasing the cost of the pump from $480 to about $175, we save Varian Medical Systems around $300 per pump. For an estimated 1,000 units per year that comes to a total savings of $300,000. The simplicity of the design should make it possible for Varian Medical Systems to manufacture the pump in-house and cut out any manufacturer mark-up. The inlet and outlet are designed with a standard pipe thread connection so it will be simple to modify the connections, using different parts to match the locations of the inlet and outlet within the heat exchanger on any of their x-ray systems.

School Year (term): 
Varian Medical Systems
Team Name: 
Jeffery Niven
Team Members: 
Michael Farnsworth, Jonathan Boyack, Sarah Graham, Austin Maxwell, Robbie Sutton, Jared Johnson

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