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If you have a project idea you'd like to discuss with us, we are ready to listen and assist you. Sponsors contact us with anything from a general idea about what might be a good project to very specific project ideas with required outcomes. We work hard to understand your needs and will scope the project such that the best outcome is achievable.

Please contact one of our External Relations Managers either by phone or email for a quick response.

Allyson Gibson
External Relations Manager
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lisa Barrager
External Relations Manager
Mechanical Engineering

Launching Your Project

An External Relations Manager will work with you to scope your project and prepare a Project Proposal Summary. After all students have signed a Capstone Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), this summary will be provided to students prior to Fall semester so they can assess their interest level in all of the projects that will be completed that academic year.

At the beginning of Fall Semester (September), student teams consisting of 5-8 students are formed based on student ratings and the needed skill sets for your project. Each team is also assigned a faculty coach who will work with the team several hours each week. 

Teams take off on your project the first week of class during Fall semester. You will meet with your team (either in person or via web conference) within a few weeks of the start of the semester.