Regular and Honest Feedback

Throughout the two semesters, you will be asked to provide feedback to Capstone. This will include two feedback surveys (near the end of Fall and Winter Semesters) to assess the performance of Capstone, the project team and the coach. We encourage you to provide honest feedback that will help Capstone know what it is going well and to identify potential areas for improvement. The two surveys will enable Capstone, the team, and the coach to make appropriate corrections to increase the potential for a successful project outcome. In addition to the surveys, you will have an opportunity to communicate on a regular basis with the project team. We encourage you to provide feedback throughout the project to help facilitate a positive outcome.

Keys to Success as a Liaison Engineer

In addition to the above responsibilities, we have some brief hints for finding success as a liaison engineer. These include the following:

  1. Support the design process as taught in the class. You may want to add your own strengths, but please don’t take off on an extremely different approach.
  2. Clearly communicate your perception of how the team is progressing with the faculty coach and team. If you are unhappy, let them know about it. If you feel like the team needs to hear some specific comments, tell the coach.
  3. Develop an expectation that the project will be successfully completed on time.
  4. Make time available for your team. Communicate with the coach and team weekly.

Let the team know you are counting on their work. Explain the impact that the project will have on the company. We are embarking on a great adventure of teaching students the practice of engineering. We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!