Student Support

The strength of our program lies in the unparalleled support provided each team. Faculty instructors, dedicated team coaches, liaison engineers, external relations managers, and a full administrative staff support your team.

IoT Devices

Product Improvements

New Designs

Test Systems


Proof of Concept

Talented Student Engineers

BYU students are the heart of our Capstone program. Innovative, creative, and teachable, our students conceptualize and prototype solutions to your engineering challenges and provide you with easily transferable designs.

Dedicated Team Coach

Each Capstone team is mentored by a faculty coach dedicated to that team. Some are full-time faculty while others are experienced engineers from industry hired as Adjunct Faculty  specifically to coach a team. The coach guides students through the engineering process and provides valuable feedback, working directly with the team for several hours each week.

Design and Prototype Facilities

Capstone student teams have access to the latest CAD programs, simulation tools, modeling tools, digital prototyping software, engineering calculation tools, 3D printing, and fabrication facilities. Our new state-of-the-art Engineering Building and Research Lab were designed from the ground up with team collaboration and experiential learning in mind.