Help students become design professionals who can blend creative, technical, interpersonal, and management skills together to develop products that are both desirable and transferable.

The Capstone Success Formula


The strength of our program lies in the unparalleled university support given to each team. Faculty instructors, external relations managers, dedicated team coaches, and an amazing administrative staff all work together to support your team.

Talented Student Engineers

BYU students are the heart of our Capstone program. Innovative, creative, and teachable, our students conceptualize and design solutions to YOUR engineering challenges.

Dedicated Team Coach and Instructors

Each Capstone team is mentored by a faculty coach dedicated to that team. The team coach and course instructors guide students through the engineering process and provide technical assistance as needed.

Design and Prototype Facilities

Capstone student teams have access to the latest CAD programs, simulation tools, modeling tools, digital prototyping software, engineering calculation tools, 3D printing, and fabrication facilities.


Benefits to Sponsors

Proof of concept validation

Will that even work? Put a team of our students on your idea and watch it happen.

Innovative system design

Tired of the same old thinking? Student engineers think outside the box to conceptualize and develop innovative products in ways others might not have imagined.

Recruiting opportunities

Need great engineers on your team? Sponsoring a Capstone project gives you eight months of insight into both the technical skills and soft skills of the students most interested in working for you. Many of our Capstone students are hired by our Capstone sponsors as a direct result of the project.

Retain all IP developed

Worried about sharing your IP? No need to with Capstone. Neither BYU nor our students retain rights to any intellectual property developed during the course of the Capstone project.

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