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Classroom Instruction

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Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU

Fall Camp - Early September
The first two weeks of Fall semester, students participate in Fall Bootcamp. During this time, students receive their project assignments and receive concentrated instruction to get them started on the project.

While the focus of the Capstone course is the sponsored project, students also attend several classroom discussions each semester. Led by a faculty instructor, these discussions center around the principles of product design and development and are not specific to any technical challenges. Each topic is carefully curated to enhance the students' understanding of bigger picture engineering considerations and how those apply to the team's project.

Topics covered during classroom instruction include:
  • Working in Diverse Teams
  • Design Decision Cycle and Design Drivers
  • Design Divergence and Prototyping
  • Design Details and Design Deployment
  • Design Stages - Opportunity Development
  • Design Stages - Concept Development
  • Inclusivity and Adaptability
  • Test Procedures and Standards
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Design Stages - Subsystem Engineering
  • Process Customization
  • Risk/FMEA
  • Design Stages - System Refinement